QC Pizza: Kinda Big Dill

Pickles on a pizza?! Oh, you bet your sweet and salty a$$.

Pickles are ok. I like them, they are a nice addition to a sandwich, but I don’t love them. However, I LOVE the Kinda Big Dill Pizza. I would marry it, and we would have fantastic dill pizza babies – which might get a tad awkward when I have to eat said babies, but this is where we are.

Welcome to the eclectic pies from QC Pizza. Located in a small strip mall in Mahtomedi, QC Pizza came onto the pizza scene in June of 2018, specializing in Quad-City style pizzas. 

Quad-City style pizza is from the Quad-Cities region in Iowa and Illinois.

The pizza characteristics include malt in the dough, toppings underneath the cheese, and the pie is cut into strips, instead of the typical slice.

Made of dough that has been proofed for 48 hours (to allow the yeast to develop), the Kinda Big Dill starts with QC Pizza’s signature garlic dill sauce, homemade Canadian bacon that’s been smoked for 48 hours, dill pickles, mozzarella cheese, and then – wait for it- another layer of pickles! A dusting of fresh dill completes the magnificent pizza.

Not really a dill pickle fan? Try one of QC Pizzas’ other pies like The Sausage King, QC Taco (did someone say taco seasoned chips?!), or their Sour Pig, topped with sauerkraut and Canadian bacon.

If you are traveling more than ten steps to serve the pizza, you will want to take a bite of a strip in the pizza joint. Dennis, the owner of QC Pizza, actually insists on this. He asserts the only way to judge a pizza is right when it comes out of the oven.

I took a bite and judged. I think our first baby’s name will be Holy Crap Delicious.

And if you can’t make it out to Mahtomedi, you can order their frozen pizzas from anywhere in the nation. 

Where to have your next strip.

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