Eating Minnesota

Carrie Killian

*Carrie hates writing in the third person, so she won’t.

Two of my passions are writing and food. So, hence this website was born. I am a Minnesota native but spent my years as a child growing up in Mesa, Arizona. I discovered what authentic tamales taste like, tasted different dishes that were not native to my Scandinavian household, and learned about the restaurant industry.

I have spent 15 years in various restaurants across the country. I have served, hosted, expedited, bartended, catered, managed, handled the books – everything but cooked (and no one is missing out on that.) I miss it terribly, but then again, I don’t. That’s restaurant life.

I moved back to Minnesota 7 years ago. Currently, I live in Stillwater.

But this site isn’t about me.

This site was created to showcase the culinary fare of Minnesota. I wanted to emphasize the story behind the dishes, restaurants, chefs, and owners. The blood, sweat, tears, garlic, onion, and booze that is behind the scenes in the restaurants we love. Let’s see what is eating Minnesota.

If you are a restaurant owner, chef, or culinary fiend and want to share your story, reach out at Carrie@eatinginminnesota.com